Giplet - GNOME IP Display Applet

What is it?

Gnome IP display appLET
Giplet is a simple GNOME panel applet that displays your computer's ip address. Giplet can either display the ip address of a specified ethernet interface or the ip address the outside world sees. It can also be set to recheck every so often in case your router resets or the ip address is renewed.

Is that all it does?

Yep. That's all Giplet is designed to do. Giplet is not ambitious.

Installing Giplet

Giplet is currently available as a .tar.gz archive. Once extracted one will need to run the configure script like so...
Once configured one needs to run 'make install' to install giplet. This will require admin privileges so change to superuser or use 'sudo' like this...
user@host:~/giplet-0.1.2>sudo make install
If all goes well, then giplet should appear in the panel applets available when right-clicking on a panel and selecting 'Add to Panel...' like so...

What does Giplet Require?

Giplet consists of python scripts and a glade file. So it will require python to be installed, pyGTK, and libglade. Logo